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Learn To Avoid Saying “Didn’t See That Coming”

Scenario planning is a way for organizations to think about the future.

A team or group of executives sets out to develop a small number of scenarios (or stories) about how a near or far-term future might unfold and how this might have an impact on current or future business initiatives. The issue could be a narrow one: whether to make a particular investment, for example. Should a new product be developed, or should a competitor be engaged or acquired? Or it could be much broader or theoretical; a variety of scenarios could be introduced to challenge a team to make a product break-through, anticipate a competitor, or avoid worst-case scenarios.

The ultimate goal of scenario planning is to think about perspectives outside the realm of your normal day-to-day activities; often planting seeds that grow or impact your thinking for the long-term.

Scenario planning is frequently used by some of the world’s largest corporations and governments, but that doesn’t mean it is out of the reach of small businesses. In truth, they are some of the greatest beneficiaries because it is easy for small teams to become myopic.

No one can predict what is going to happen in the future, and Scenario Planning isn’t about predictions. It is about opening up the realm of possibilities, good and bad, so they can be properly anticipated.

I can work with almost any team, most often Executive, Marketing, and Product, to quickly explore a variety of precise or theoretical scenarios.


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