Train Or Outsource Your Marketing


The Intern Isn’t A Marketing Department

If you are a small business or start up one of two things is probably true; you don’t have a marketing department or the one you do have needs expert help.

You Don’t Have A Marketing Department.

Don’t worry, you very likely don’t need a full-time marketing guru just yet. They are expensive and you have more important things to spend money on. Like actually marketing your product. Most likely what you do need is someone who can fill the role a few hours a week or month so that the important issues get decided, the ads get placed, and the designer knows what to do.

Your Marketing Department Needs Assistance.

This can be a little more sensitive, but ultimately fruitful. Whether they need guidance, training, or an injection of original thinking you cannot afford to let them continue on alone. They cost you money and they are spending your marketing budget; hopefully not on poorly conceived banners or SuperBowl ads (not yet, at least).

Like everything, the best approach begins with a conversation about your needs, goals, dreams, and budget.


There are few people you’ll meet who can claim to have been a successful Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Restaurateur, Executive Creative Director, Designer, Marketer, and IT Professional.

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