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Product Ideation

Generate Ideas While You Improve The Culture Of Your Business.

Whether you need to gut-check an idea or kick-start and an entirely new product development initiative, there are many reasons why you should, at least in part, seek outside consultation.

The two big reasons, as far as I am generally concerned, are cultural. First, teams that work together day in and day out tend to be very good with their knowledge of the existing product, but not so good at letting go to get to a new idea. They’ve become the experts, and it is unlikely anyone is going to be able to show them new methods or ideas. They are likely very good at telling you why things cannot be done a certain way. Sound familiar? In this case taking product ideation a little or entirely out of house can reap unique rewards.

The second cultural issue that comes into play surrounding product development and ideation has to do with whether there is an environment for true innovation. You may need new ideas now, but getting them without teaching your team how to innovate can land you in the same place next year. Creating a culture that understands and encourages innovation and Design Thinking is paramount to growth.

I’ve led dozens of teams to create original product ideas. And I’ve taught at least an equal number of people how to rethink their approach to creativity and innovation to create a long-term cultural shift.


There are few people you’ll meet who can claim to have been a successful Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Restaurateur, Executive Creative Director, Designer, Marketer, and IT Professional.

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