Bruce Marsh

Start-Up Masterclass

Get ready to get your new business idea on track!

There are so many reasons start ups fail – don’t waste time spinning your wheels and second-guessing your big idea.

This is a six hour in-person session designed to supercharge your  idea and help get you off the ground quickly and confidently.

Accelerate Your Start-Up


Learn From A Successful Entrepreneur

This class is led by Bruce Marsh, a 5x Entrepreneur and Executive with more than 30 years of experience leading teams to success.


Get Hands-On With Your Idea In A Small Group Setting

This class is about your idea, not some hypothetical business. So get ready to dig in deep and get candid feedback.


Free 1-On-1 Follow-Up Consulting Included

You get a free one-hour one-on-one consulting session with Bruce when the class is done. Typically $350/hour.

Why This Class?

Validate Your idea

Your idea doesn't have to be the next billion dollar unicorn, but it does need a foundation built in reality. This course is designed to help entrepreneurs (you) understand their idea better, build confidence, and lay the groundwork for success.

Launch Faster

A lot of first-time entrepreneurs spend a lot of time mulling the idea, endlessly researching, and getting advice from the wrong people. Startup Masterclass will accelerate your idea and get you to market faster and better prepared.

Be Profitable

Every minute you're not in market is a sale you've lost. Yes, don't go to market before you're ready. But the minute you start your business is the minute you realign all your priorities and become focused on making money.

Who Is Bruce?

Bruce has started five businesses, successfully selling three of them. One failed miserably, and one is still going strong. He’s helped hundreds of small businesses and has advised some of the largest brands in the world (like Coca-Cola, Jeep, Porsche, CitiBank, J.Crew, and many more).

He’s easy to find at the local coffee shop, generally doesn’t wear ties, is soft-spoken until he’s in front of an audience, and believes everyone is creative.

"Nothing Is Impossible"

“I'd been thinking about my business idea for years without doing anything. This class helped me solve my fears about starting my own company.”
Francois M.
“I had already started my import business before the class, but Bruce changed the way I approach everything. I feel so much more confident now to make it work.”
Nasim A.
“Wow. Bruce is a little crazy is the best way possible. He really makes me believe nothing is impossible.”
Kalisa D.



  • 6 hours of active instruction
  • 8 major segments
  • 3 breakout sessions
  • Course materials
  • Breakfast and Lunch included
  • Free 1- hour post-class consulting session


$795 per person. 

A second person for the same business idea may attend for an additional $395. Payment in full is required at the time of registration. Reservation may be canceled for a full refund up to two weeks (14 days) before the session. Classes will have no more than 12 people.

PS: Early bird special pricing is usually available until 30-days before each seminar date.

You & Your Idea

What is for sale at your company that you are starting with your money, time, and sanity on the line?

Why Is This A Good Business Idea?

If you don't have a good answer to this question already, you will by the end of this class.

Saving Money, Spending Money

Businesses fail because they don't have enough money. Knowing what to focus your limited resources on is critical for success.

Super (Financial) Model

One great spreadsheet will answer a lot of questions. This segment is all about why this is one area you should spend time before you do almost anything else.

Branding & Marketing

Learn the foundations of great branding, marketing and competing.

Who & What You Need

No one can do it all themself and no one has unlimited resources. How do you prioritize?

How To Solve Problems

Starting a business is about constantly solving problems for the best outcome.

Mind & Body

You're about to undertake one of the most stressful and challenging things a person can do. Are you ready?

The R.O.I. On A $795 Class

This Class Pays For Itself.

  1. LOST SALES. Let’s say you plan to launch the business in six months, but this class gets you to market in four months. That represents two extra months of revenue.  
  2. TIME VALUE. Your time is worth money. How many hours (days, weeks, months) of your time have you spent so far. And you still may not be sure you’re on track. 
  3. BRANDING. Let’s say you spend $2,500 on a logo only to find out you need to change the name, it looks too much like a competitor, or business goals/product change. Wasted money.
  4. WEBSITE. Re-read #3 above and replace ‘logo’ with ‘website’.
  5. FAILURE. Starting a business is resource-intensive (time, money, emotion). This class is 795 ounces of prevention.
  6. LITTLE THINGS. Every class is packed with dozens of helpful ideas, pointers, and words of wisdom to help you long after the startup phase. The value here is immense while you make thousands of decisions every month.
  7. EXPENSES. A lot of first-time Entrepreneurs waste a lot of precious money on things they don’t need, or may not need yet. This class will help you identify where to focus and what to avoid.

Class Schedule

Is This Class Right For You? Hard? Worth $795? Actually with Bruce?

If you are on the fence or have other questions, use the links below to either send me and email or schedule a 15 minute call for us to talk. Yes, it’s Free.