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First Things First

Business Is A Competition. Play To Win.

You are here because you have an idea for a business, a job that demands new ideas, or you need a seasoned executive to help take your business to the next level. Everyone needs help in generating big ideas, getting off the ground, and working through all the hard day-to-day issues. Everyone. You're here, congratulations.

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Work Is Play

Success is a lot of fun.

It's also a lot of hard work and grinding away at difficult challenges. But learning to get the right things done, no matter how insurmountable the task seems, is the key to success.

What do I do for fun? I'm a trail runner. On almost any given Saturday morning, I throw on a water pack, lace up my shoes, and join some friends for a 10-15 mile run deep into the mountains. Yes, it's hard. But when you crest a peak and the warm morning sun hits your face, it is exhilarating. And every week I am reminded that I am capable of anything.


20+ years in V.P., Director, Executive, and Chief level positions. I know what it takes to get the job done in any organization.


Created and built 4 companies from scratch, including fundraising, product development, marketing, and operations.


Some people talk about the school of hard knocks. I went there, but they don't give out diplomas. So I got an Executive MBA.


I've worked with everything from start-ups to global brands; as an independent consultant and with large consultancies.

A Unique Approach

Many consultants act like The Wizard of Oz; keep the curtains closed to maintain power.

I don't believe that approach helps you succeed.

One reason has to do with the old story about teaching someone to fish; by learning how to solve problems yourself (with a professional guide), you are better equipped for the long haul. Another reason I work differently is I believe collaboration is far more powerful for generating new ideas, making plans, and getting through difficult challenges. Together, we are far better.

Millions Raised
(Seed, Angel, Venture)
Companies Founded
The Difference

Experience real, actionable, ideas and no-nonsense feedback.

What Services Do You Need?

These are the three types of companies and engagements that work best for my skills. Are you a fit?

Start-ups &
Small Businesses

From a business plan to helping you build the business.

Innovation, Ideation,
& Product Development

Competition shifts, people can become complacent, or sometimes the business model is simply broken. Let's fix it.

Interim Executive

From finding a new vision to simply holding down the fort, do not leave that executive vacancy empty.


For Executives who need a partner, not a coach.


Let's get your numberd up, attract the best audience, and build your brand.

B. ScottMarketing Executive

We thought we'd tried it all. Bruce quickly had us thinking about our Marketing in new ways. And the team was really excited again.

E. CrawfordV.P. Operations

Bruce spent his first week carefully listening to everyone. He spent the next week getting everyone talking to each other. And honestly, that was all we needed. The skills were here already. We'd just gotten lost in our own problems and culture.

J. GrahamFounder

We had an idea for the business and really thought we could make great money, but didn't really know for sure. Bruce put the numbers together a showed us a real path to profitability.

Zak R.Executive Director

We were desperate for an injection of new ideas, and everyone in our division was frustrated with tight budgets. Somehow, Bruce turned a roomful doubters into a motivated team within minutes. Unleash him on your team.

M. NawaralaV.P. Human Capital

We brought Bruce in to hold down the fort for an Executive level vacancy while we did a search we knew would take months to fill. Working just three days a week for us, he did more for the business than his predecessor did in 60 hours a week.

Let's Get Started

You came here, presumably because you need help. Let's talk. We'll both know within 15 minutes if there is a good fit.

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