Bruce Marsh

Marketing & Growth Consultant

Bruce Marsh is an Executive Consultant who has found success inspiring people and companies to to think creatively and see new opportunities everywhere.

As a seasoned Entrepreneur, Executive, and Consultant, Bruce has guided Start-Ups, SMB's, and Global Enterprises in a wide array of activities.


GROWTH Hacking

Break The Rules.

People, departments, brands, and entire companies often lose their focus or get bogged down in everything from routine to the complexity of today’s analytics-focused environment.  And finding a path out of the rough can be a daunting challenge to people who already have daily responsibilities and are in the thick of the problem.

Through decades of working with hundreds of companies in various industries, Bruce is adept at breaking down the challenge, finding new solutions, and often reigniting a team.


Creating Intersections

Get your team(s) to create opportunities faster with Bruce’s popular two-hour Creating Intersections Seminar, a powerful opportunity to unlock opportunities, strengthen bonds, create common goals, and build an inspired culture.

Leadership Coaching

Executive Partnering.

Every Leader, or Future Leader, struggles with the complexities of bringing out the best in oneself, in others, and the organization. Yet, they frequently have few trusted, neutral, partners who can advise, guide, and motivate them.

My goal as an Executive Coach is to empower greatness through inspiration, encouragement, and experience. I am a specialist in opening ingrained cultures, connecting invisible dots, and finding better ways to get things done.

100's of Clients

Large & Small



Marketing Executive

A short- to mid-term executive to bridge the gap of a vacancy, fix a broken system, or give your business access to top talent when the budget for full-time isn’t quite there yet.

Bruce specializes in two areas; Marketing and Operations.

Growth Hacking &
Product Development

In today’s connected economy, nearly every company has the potential for breakout growth. Yes, almost all. However, many cannot see the opportunities with fresh eyes.

Bruce can help any company or team break down their offering and find new revenue.


From Senior Executives that need outside counsel to up-and-coming leaders, Executive Coaching is a powerful tool for both the organization and the individual.

 Bruce accepts a limited number of one-on-one coaching clients.

IN-House SEMINARS FOR Growing teams

The Leadership Sessions

Future Leaders

Every organization has potential future leaders that need to be inspired, understood, and committed to the company. This three-hour seminar…

Creating Intersections

Creating Intersections is a powerful small-group session that teaches Directors and Executives to identify and make the most of Intersections – the often fleeting moments when companies and careers can be changed forever.

Competition Competition

Competition Competition is a powerful way to bring teams together toward shared corporate strategies. This hands-on session is designed to get your people thinking about your competition while actively applying their learnings to the demands their jobs and the larger corporate strategy.

“Everyone has potential. Most companies are just really bad at finding it.”