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Artificial Intelligence Strategy for your business.

Welcome to the forefront of innovation! We specialize in crafting cutting-edge artificial intelligence strategies tailored to propel businesses into a new era of efficiency and opportunity. Whether you're taking your first steps into AI or looking to scale your current operations, we provide the expertise and insights necessary to transform your challenges into triumphs.


GROWTH Hacking

Do You Have An AI Strategy?

Companies can significantly accelerate their growth by integrating artificial intelligence into their operations. AI offers unparalleled capabilities in analyzing vast amounts of data, providing insights that can drastically improve decision-making processes and enhance customer experiences.

By automating routine tasks, AI frees up valuable human resources for more strategic activities, boosting productivity and innovation. Furthermore, AI-powered solutions can help identify new market opportunities and optimize supply chains, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

By adopting AI, companies streamline their current processes and position themselves for sustainable, long-term growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

100's of Clients

Large & Small


Create An AI Culture

Get your team(s) to create opportunities faster with Bruce’s popular four-hour Create An AI Culture workshop, a powerful opportunity to unlock opportunities, strengthen bonds, create common goals, and build an inspired culture that is empowered by AI.


Business Accelerator

Dive into a transformative one-week Design Thinking Workshop custom-tailored to revolutionize your business! Engage with expert facilitators in a dynamic, hands-on environment where you’ll learn to merge creativity with practical strategies.

Through a series of collaborative sessions, you’ll empathize with your customers, define key challenges, ideate groundbreaking solutions, and prototype rapidly to test ideas. This immersive experience will culminate in a comprehensive product roadmap tailored to deliver real market impact, setting the stage for your company’s next big leap forward in innovation. Get ready to unlock your team’s potential and propel your product vision to new heights!

Common topics include Embracing Artificial Intelligence, New Product/Service Offerings, Product Roadmaps, Process Improvements, and Disrupting Your Culture.



Marketing Executive

A short- to mid-term executive to bridge the gap of a vacancy, fix a broken system, or give your business access to top talent when the budget for full-time isn’t quite there yet.

Bruce specializes in two areas; Marketing and Operations.

Growth Hacking &
Product Development

In today’s connected economy, nearly every company has the potential for breakout growth. Yes, almost all. However, many cannot see the opportunities with fresh eyes.

Bruce can help any company or team break down their offering and find new revenue.


From Senior Executives that need outside counsel to up-and-coming leaders, Executive Coaching is a powerful tool for both the organization and the individual.

 Bruce accepts a limited number of one-on-one coaching clients.

IN-House EVENTS FOR Growing teams


Future Leaders

Every organization has potential future leaders that need to be inspired, understood, and committed to the company. This three-hour seminar…

Creating Intersections

Creating Intersections is a powerful small-group session that teaches Directors and Executives to identify and make the most of Intersections – the often fleeting moments when companies and careers can be changed forever.

Competition Competition

Competition Competition is a powerful way to bring teams together toward shared corporate strategies. This hands-on session is designed to get your people thinking about your competition while actively applying their learnings to the demands their jobs and the larger corporate strategy.

“Everyone has potential. Most companies are just really bad at finding it.”