Bruce Marsh


Employees at every level need the opportunity to be a part of the future. Bruce's Sessions are a series of collaborative small-group seminars designed to encourage individuals to become high-potential leaders.

Growing teams

The Leadership Series

Future Leaders

3 hours offsite or at your location. 10 people minimum.

Every organization has potential future leaders that need to be inspired, understood, and committed to the company. This three-hour seminar…

Creating Intersections

2 hours offsite or at your location. 5-10 attendees per session.

Creating Intersections is a powerful small-group session aimed at teaching Directors and Executives to identify and make the most of complex environments.

Competition Competition

3 Hours. 10 people minimum. Discounts for larger groups.

Competition Competition is a powerful way to bring teams together toward shared corporate strategies. This hands-on session is designed to get your people thinking about your competition while actively applying their learnings to the demands their jobs and the larger corporate strategy.

Start Up MasterClass


Bruce’s popular Masterclass for Startup Entrepreneurs is back!

Get your new business idea on track and launch fast with this six-hour hands-on intensive class. 

“Nothing motivates employees more than showing them a path to the future.”


Inspiring People To Growth.

Leadership as a discipline is about bringing out the best in oneself, the best in others, and the best in all situations. Everyone is a leader, or desires to be, in some aspect of their personal or professional life. My goal as an Executive is to empower greatness through inspiration, encouragement, and experience.

People are the heart of every opportunity.

The ability to help people see their own potential is my definition of Leadership. 

Think about that for a moment. I’m telling you that no matter what challenge you are facing or the opportunity you are pursuing, the answer is always PEOPLE. People are consumers, investors, visionaries, designers, workers, and so much more. They are the only resource a Leader needs to manage to get amazing results every single time.