Bruce Marsh

In The Modern Business Environment Everything is Possible.

You cannot read the news without mention of a company that is expanding rapidly, has secured funding for new growth, or has figured out new ways to think about old markets. Yet, many companies cannot seem to crack the code and grow beyond their traditional model.

Are you taking advantage of everything the modern economy has to offer?

Growth Hacking is about breaking the rules to explore what is possible, and then setting a course for making it happen.

Short-Term Growth Hacking

Fast, Big Ideas.

Short-term Growth hacking or Strategic Consulting is usually structured around working with key personnel to quickly develop ideas for change within a given area of the business. 

Within a few weeks or months can be developed and be allowed to gain traction. And, previously disassociated employees become motivated for the new opportunity.

The most common areas for fast-result Strategic Consulting are:

  • Developing New (or upgrading) Products & Services
  • Re-vamping a tired or ineffective Brand & Marketing
  • Refining Operations & Process for greater efficiency
  • Expanding into New Markets

Longer-Term Strategic Consulting

Enterprise Growth

Bruce offers longer-term Strategic Consulting engagements to help companies with specific opportunities. Frequently, these engagements are the result of Growth Hacking or Executive Partnering and aim to offer leadership or ongoing support for promising inititiatives.

100's of Clients

Large & Small

Build Internal Competency

Make People Great.

Future Leaders

3 Hours. $500 per attendee. 10 people minimum.

Every organization has potential future leaders that need to be inspired, understood, and committed to the company. This three-hour seminar…

Creating Intersections

2 Hours. $1000 per attendee. 4-10 attendees per session.

Creating Intersections is a powerful small-group session aimed at teaching Directors and Executives to identify and make the most of Intersections.

Competition Competition

3 Hours. $500 per attendee. 10 people minimum. Discounts for larger groups.

Competition Competition is a powerful way to bring teams together toward shared corporate strategies. This hands-on session is designed to get your people thinking about your competition while actively applying their learnings to the demands their jobs and the larger corporate strategy.

“Consultants don’t live in reality. However, employees rarely see past the day-to-day.”